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Main Characteristics of the Best Induction Cooktops Models

Portable Induction Cooktop Review

What a portable induction cooktop actually is? Well, you may be familiar with those built-in cooktops on the stoves. In fact, they look identical to well-known electric smoothtop burners. Portable induction cooktops can be simply taken and used almost anywhere. But the true genius about them is that they heat not the burner surface, but the cookware directly. As a result, this makes safer usage, compared with electric or gas cooktops.
The point is in magnetic coils inside, which create energy for heating up whatever you’re cooking. That is why it is strongly recommended to use cast iron pots/pans, enameled iron cookware or stainless steel on the induction burners. Thus, you should stay away from glass, copper and aluminum. Besides safety while preparing food, the two other obvious advantages of using a portable induction cooktop are (1) energy efficiency and (2) fast cooking. Averagely, such a device costs $100-$1500, instead of $2000-$3000 priced cookers. Typically, they are carried nationwide in general department and cooking stores. Among the top-rated brands are:

  • Sunpentown;
  • Fagor;
  • Viking;
  • Waring Pro;
  • Wolfgang Puck;
  • Max Burton;
  • Cooktek.

After all, you can get excellent portable induction reviews from both experts and consumers on websites like,, or

Portable Induction Cooktops


 Traditional Gas/Electric Stoves

Portable induction Cooktop

  1. They all offer various levels of power to control heat, as well as auto-shut off functions, timers, overheating protection, housing with different cooktops, and dial/knob controls.
  2. Most leading sellers have 1200/1300/1400/1800 watts of power for cooking meals. No matter, whether you pay for lower or higher watts, the money for these units will be well spent.
  3. The majority of owners find any portable induction cooktop versatile and convenient, particularly when cooking outdoors. All you need is just plugging it into an outlet and having almost instant heat.
  4. Also, you may like the temperature settings, which give exact readings.
  5. What to say, this is the most efficient way of cooking! Induction cooktops utilize 90% of produced energy, compared to 50% of other cooking methods. Induction heats only the pot diameter; so you get little energy wasted, money saving and remaining eco-friendly.
  6. Moreover, this is the safest way to cook. Such a surface remains cool to your touch since the pot is heated. There are no open flames, gas emissions or smoke. Isn’t it an extremely safe and convenient solution? Due to automatic safety, there is an added element of shut off feature.
  7. Furthermore, this is your fastest way to cook food. Induction cooks faster than electric or gas cooktops, reducing the half of cooking time. Due to immediate heating/temperature adjustments, you’re allowed to go from plain simmer to a true rolling boil, just in a few seconds.
  8. All in all, easy clean is important too. Most chefs adore flat smooth surface that is made of only high quality, heat resistant glass. Thus, the spills have never been so easy to clean! They just don’t bake on the stay-cool surface.

In short, discover the new updated models of a portable induction cooktop with their excellent features, power and level settings. Now, your cooking functions will include Melt or Warm, Med Low or Med High, Boil or Sear, Stir Fry and many more. Durable, lightweight, compact and easy to use/handle/storage, these units are beyond competition!

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